3D Shapes Don't Scare Me!

Let me be honest up front! The truth is, I threw together this 3D Shape Scarecrow freebie really quick to share just so I could write a blog post and share a little more about Logan's road to recovery. You are more than welcome to just grab your freebie and then go on about your way without having to stick around to read the rest of the blog post about my personal life:)

We will be doing an awesome Scarecrow unit next week and I don't have a lot of 3D shape practice pages so I hope this will work out well for me. Click on the picture below to download it.

Now to those that chose to stick around....
Today has been a surprisingly wonderful day! I only got a couple hours of sleep last night but somehow I woke up bright eyed and ready to tackle another day. When I got to school and looked at my lesson plans, I wasn't too impressed with what I was supposed to teach so I decided to "wing it". 
Best teaching day ever! 
The lesson fell together and flowed wonderfully.  The kids were engaged, had a blast, AND I still covered the standards for the day! The lesson wasn't anything new or fancy but I just felt "adventurous" and "free". Yep, I even pulled out the clay for each child to create their own 3D shapes! While it took some time for the little ones to figure out how to make a sphere, cube, cone, and cylinder, they did it and were so proud of their masterpieces! 
Then I got THE phone call! It was Logan so yes, I did step outside my classroom door to answer it. He said "bet you can't guess where I am". My mind goes wild... did he go outside and get the wheelchair stuck in the grass? Did he fall trying to use the toilet?
Nope! None of the above!
He said "I am UPSTAIRS in my room!" (with the help of his physical therapist of course). My tears could not be contained! It felt like a toddler taking his first steps. My heart was swelling up inside my chest. The therapist let me know that Logan had a great attitude today (no more anger or frustration) and was working harder than ever before. By the time I got home, his homebound teacher said he WALKED to the door to answer (using his walker) rather than sitting in the wheelchair. His Facebook status said that "Today is the day that I start working extra hard to be able to walk again.  I'm going to stop waiting and hoping to get better. It is time to move on. I'm done with sitting in this wheelchair."  
There is the determination that we have prayed so desperately for! The road to recovery just took a turn onto a much smoother route!
Friends, it's a good day indeed!
P.S. Come back soon! In the next couple of days I hope to find time to tell you about an experience that we had on this journey that involved a fellow teacher that was once a stranger!  It will give you goose bumps!   
...and then I will try to keep my posts more educational and less personal!
Be Blessed!


lorena said...

Thank your for sharing your story (and your freebie). It's great to share good news isn't it? You keep it as personal as you wish. It's YOUR blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! I agree, keep it as personal as you wish. It always helps to share the good and the bad.

Luv My Kinders said...

Such great news about your son! You should not feel bad about sharing your personal life. We all have different challenges and triumphs and these together make us who we are. I like to get to know people, not just hear about what they are teaching in their classrooms. Continued prayers to you and your family for a smooth and steady recovery. ~ Laura

cindy said...

How wonderful. :)

Garden Full of Knowledge said...

Oh my! I'm so happy for you and for your son. That's great news! I'm so thrilled to see that he has a whole new outlook! You also don't need to apologize about your blog. You can be as personal as you wish. I enjoy reading your posts and getting to know you not only as a teacher, but also as a mom. Us moms share together and rejoice together.

Barbara said...

I am so so proud of Logan ... I pray that he continue to heal and grow. Your strength and faithfulness inspire and amaze me. Thank you for your example ... and for your kind note. I LOVE snail mail!


Roxanne Sterling said...

Praise the LORD!!!!! Continue to press on.


venus said...

Thank you for the freebie and let Logan know I am proud of him!