Pucker Up for Froggy!


Looking for Valentine's Day Party ideas?  I saw this idea in a Mailbox magazine many years ago and have played it with my students every Valentine's Day since. We start by reading the book Froggy's First Kiss by Johathon London and then take a vote & graph who would or would not kiss a frog. After all of the votes are in, I give each child a set of kissy lips and we play Pucker Up for Froggy which is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Click on the picture below to get your free copy!

To play: Laminate Pucker Up for Froggy gameboard and print enough copies of the kissy lips for each student to have one.  (I laminate mine to reuse each year). Students are given a pair of lips that have double sided tape attached to the back (I have magnets on mine to use on my magnetic board). Students take turns being blindfolded & spun around 3 times. When he/she is dizzy, I face them towards the frog and have them attempt to give Froggy a kiss. The kids love to see who can get the closest to Froggy's mouth! 

 When everyone has had a turn, I tell them that
now Froggy has a kiss for them!

A Hershey kiss!


LaNessa said...

This is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing.