Summer Time!

Oh friends, I hope you have made it to summer break or at least close to it! I am actually enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean even as I type this post! There are very few places I would rather be than by the ocean with my toes in the sand and nose in a book!

Unfortunately, my mind is still in overdrive with all of the ideas I have for projects that I have intentions of working on this summer but on the other hand, at least I love what I do!  So far I have finished up a June/July ActivBoard calendar for all of my friends that are still in school or teaching summer school.

Then I finished up August and September ActivBoard Calendars for back to school time.

I also just finished up a Barnyard Addition and Subtraction stories flipchart for ActivBoard. There have been other things but those are the big projects so far!

I hope you all have a blessed and safe summer! Don't forget to rest and relax so you will be ready for those new little ones that we will meet all too soon!!!

Be Blessed!


Mrs. C said...

Have fun!

grace said...

Love, Love, Love your calendars!!!

Kelly Young said...

Ms. C...I Am having so much fun!
Grace...thank you so much! I hope to have them all changed over for the new school year soon so be sure to check for updated versions to any you have bought and redownload from TPT. I appreciate your kind words!

Miss Trayers said...

So jealous-would love to be at the beach right now. But I am teaching summer school and thank you for sharing your calendars! :)