What's in Your Closet?

Space is usually a big issue for primary grade teachers. We just have a lot of "stuff" and have to get creative with space saving ideas.  Don't hate me for what I am about to say....but I am very blessed to have a large classroom and a large walk in closet along with cabinets around my sink. Now how is it that I still run out of space?!? My friends call me the organized queen. I am such a scatter brain and have a large dose of ADD that I would lose my head if not attached so it is important that I have things organized and in their place. Take a look into my closet and tell me if this is over-the-top or how this compares to your storage areas.....

Yep! I do love Rubbermaid storage containers! It is a bit messy when this picture was taken and yes, it looks like I have robbed the Lakeshore Learning Store. I love Lakeshore and have written & received several grants and usually spend every last dollar on things from Lakeshore. That is why I have so much stuff in there! The top and bottom shelves not shown hold the extra large Rubbermaid boxes for each month of the school year. Each monthly box holds books, floor puzzles, decorations, and learning center games that are specific for that month.   

This side is very messy too but I wanted you to see where I hide my mini refrigerator and microwave. I bring my lunch quiet a bit so the fridge & microwave come in very handy!  That is the white fridge on the bottom and the black microwave above it. The other side that isn't pictured holds my construction paper, my many Mailbox magazines in file boxes, and floor puzzles. Sorry, no picture!  

On the inside of the closet door I hung this awesome pocket chart that I got many years ago from Highlights magazine just for sending home their promotional items with my students.  At the beginning of the school year, I encourage parents to purchase extra supplies while they are on sale to replenish their child's school supplies throughout the year.  When they send them in I store each child's extra supplies in their own pocket. When their glue stick dries out (all too often) my little darlings can go to their own supply pocket and get a new one. This saves me from having to request supplies all throughout the school year.

That is what is in my closet. Now what is in your closet?


Mrs. C said...

Great job!

Tiffani Mugurussa said...

I too love containers on LAkeshore. My closet looks like the Lakeshore store- my friends callit Lakeshore mini-mall. I'd share a picture, but my room is packed/closed for the summer

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Vanessa said...

I. am. so. jealous.
I am jealous of your Lakeshore collection. I am jealous of your closets. I am jealous of your fridge and microwave. I want it all! lol. I teach in a portable classroom with 2 steel cabinets for storage. Still, I make do with what I have. I'm sure if I had all that storage, I'd fill it all up too! If you ever want to get rid of some things, I'll take them off your hands! =)
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